Monday, February 18, 2013


this post is my response
to a blog challenge
given by Andrea Hiltbrunner,
who lives in the Alps in Switzerland!
i am honored to be connected to her through Art.

Andrea's challenge is a word:  deliberate
deliberate: done consciously & intentionally

i chose this image from my photos
as a match for the word.
when i am @ my most deliberate
i don't hold back
i draw boldly
and engage enthusiastically.
when i am deliberate doors open!


  1. I agree and have noticed this too. When I engage enthusiastically, doors DO open! Sometimes I am surprised and a little scared at the door that has just opened before me, but there it is... waiting for me to walk through.
    Love your message to students. No eraser day is wonderful!

  2. Oh Deborah, that is so touching! I love your post! Thank you so much for being part on my challenge. I hope to see you next week. The topic will be deepen, which is my word of the year 2013. Love and light and tons of snow! Andrea