Monday, March 11, 2013


1) to extract (information) from various sources
2) to collect gradually and bit by bit
   synonyms:  gather, collect, pick up

the gleaners, the creation of Jean-Francois Millet,
is a reflection of the book of Ruth
and often referred to as a hymn of labor.
 Ruth tells the story of a woman gleaning fields 
 for sustenance and the long ago practice
by wealthy landowners to instruct the reapers
to leave behind bits of grain during harvest time
to assist those in need.
on my bleak grey days i feel in need.
after the doubt, despair, pity and tears are over, I get quiet.
it is then i can hear a still small voice inviting me
to gather up beauty, creativity, and simplicity to sustain me.

a friend has introduced me to the book: the artist's rule
by Christine Valters Paintner. 
i bought a copy & will make a summer study of it, 
but summer is a few months away
and i need the kindness of this author now.  
so i have been opening the book up, bit by bit, 
and  collecting some goodness to nourish my soul.

Jane Redmont writes this recommendation of the book:  
"Monastic practices are not just for monks;
living a creative life is not just for professional artists.
Christine Valters Paintner teaches us these truths as a wise, 
gentle guide who knows when to speak and when to get out 
of the way.  With her help, we open ourselves to the Mystery
at the heart of life, and in so doing come to know ourselves 
more deeply and to bring forth gifts for others."

Those who go out weeping carrying seed to sow
will return with songs of joy carrying sheaves with them.
Psalm 126