Friday, July 26, 2013

just paint

Earlier this month,
I joined some of my Illinois family
to paint my sister's garage: pure white!
As the month of July ends,
I have returned to Houston
to get out my acrylics, brushes, and old canvases
so I may join Pixie Campbell
& others in a 5-week paint exploration!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

the Artist's Rule notes and quotes

i am pre-reading
one of the books
on my summer reading list:
the Artist's Rule
because i just can't wait
for some encouragement for my soul.
This morning,
i perused week 8 with my morning coffee.
the view, with my morning coffee,
from my apartment
is not nearly as grand as this, yet,
 ~> i am a dreamer,
and i hope for morning coffee in spots like this!

-"love can be demanding.  making our relationships a priority, and serving even when we don't feel lite it are not always easy.  love necessitates that we allow the people in our lives to be themselves without our wishing they were different.  in our challenges with others, we are invited to welcome dissonance and notice the stirrings in our own hearts."

-"others often can see aspects of ourselves that we cannot .  consider asking someone you trust deeply to tell you how they see your gifts at work in the world and the places where you seem to hold yourself back.  receive these words with reverence and humility, and welcome in what they might have to teach you about your own creative journey."

-"the friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion,
   who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement,
   who can tolerate knowing.... not healing, not curing...
   that is a friend who cares."  ~Henri J. M. Nouwen~

Monday, March 11, 2013


1) to extract (information) from various sources
2) to collect gradually and bit by bit
   synonyms:  gather, collect, pick up

the gleaners, the creation of Jean-Francois Millet,
is a reflection of the book of Ruth
and often referred to as a hymn of labor.
 Ruth tells the story of a woman gleaning fields 
 for sustenance and the long ago practice
by wealthy landowners to instruct the reapers
to leave behind bits of grain during harvest time
to assist those in need.
on my bleak grey days i feel in need.
after the doubt, despair, pity and tears are over, I get quiet.
it is then i can hear a still small voice inviting me
to gather up beauty, creativity, and simplicity to sustain me.

a friend has introduced me to the book: the artist's rule
by Christine Valters Paintner. 
i bought a copy & will make a summer study of it, 
but summer is a few months away
and i need the kindness of this author now.  
so i have been opening the book up, bit by bit, 
and  collecting some goodness to nourish my soul.

Jane Redmont writes this recommendation of the book:  
"Monastic practices are not just for monks;
living a creative life is not just for professional artists.
Christine Valters Paintner teaches us these truths as a wise, 
gentle guide who knows when to speak and when to get out 
of the way.  With her help, we open ourselves to the Mystery
at the heart of life, and in so doing come to know ourselves 
more deeply and to bring forth gifts for others."

Those who go out weeping carrying seed to sow
will return with songs of joy carrying sheaves with them.
Psalm 126

Monday, February 18, 2013


this post is my response
to a blog challenge
given by Andrea Hiltbrunner,
who lives in the Alps in Switzerland!
i am honored to be connected to her through Art.

Andrea's challenge is a word:  deliberate
deliberate: done consciously & intentionally

i chose this image from my photos
as a match for the word.
when i am @ my most deliberate
i don't hold back
i draw boldly
and engage enthusiastically.
when i am deliberate doors open!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


the summer of 2008,
i studied ART in Italy and Germany.
there i learned to "focus".
there i began the mark-making
that most pleases me:
blind contour and contour drawings.

i focus on the line,
let my eyes instruct my hand,
allow my brain to be bypassed,
and watch as a simple clarity
is captured over and over
in my sketchbook.

gazing @ the woman
i was almost 5 years ago,
i see myself as i am...
a wanderer
and a beholder of beauty.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

broken open

"What is asked of us," Raymond John Baughan had said,
"is that we break open our blocked caves and find each other.
Nothing less will heal the anguished spirit
or release the heart to act in love."

(quote found while re-reading the Mitford series by Jan Karon)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

over and done

we attended a party
before we were married.
we danced,
we smiled, we laughed,
we glowed
that little dance floor.

we attended the same party
one month married.
I wanted to dance, 
to smile, to laugh,
to glow,
to hope others 
would join us
that little dance floor.

he danced with me once,
and then had enough.
"what kept you from dancing?"
there was no reply.
"what kept you from dancing?
i want to know why.”

he chose not to dance
when other men said:
"if you dance with your wife, 
hold her close 
like before~
then our wives will watch
they'll pressure us more
to go
out with them 
that little dance floor.”

a choice
kept his presence 
from me that night
a connection of joy and affection
was broken by slight
that little dance floor.