Monday, February 18, 2013


this post is my response
to a blog challenge
given by Andrea Hiltbrunner,
who lives in the Alps in Switzerland!
i am honored to be connected to her through Art.

Andrea's challenge is a word:  deliberate
deliberate: done consciously & intentionally

i chose this image from my photos
as a match for the word.
when i am @ my most deliberate
i don't hold back
i draw boldly
and engage enthusiastically.
when i am deliberate doors open!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


the summer of 2008,
i studied ART in Italy and Germany.
there i learned to "focus".
there i began the mark-making
that most pleases me:
blind contour and contour drawings.

i focus on the line,
let my eyes instruct my hand,
allow my brain to be bypassed,
and watch as a simple clarity
is captured over and over
in my sketchbook.

gazing @ the woman
i was almost 5 years ago,
i see myself as i am...
a wanderer
and a beholder of beauty.