Thursday, July 19, 2012

small faith

to blog,
to write,
to journal,
to type out my thoughts
allows the privilege of editing
& being sure of what i share.

to speak
my thoughts
to others
to do so in the moment they are passing by
to reveal myself
to risk being known
to dare to be understood or misunderstood.

i prefer to write rather than to speak.
yet, in times of fear
i speak
in order
to hear myself think...
in hope
that some one
will speak
my words
my truth
my small faith
back to me.


  1. Change with humility and kindness seems to be as rare as hens' teeth. I always enjoy your writing. Thanks again.

  2. This is so beautifully said. The fear of opening up and making oneself vulnerable. But - you've done so - right here!

  3. So happy to met you! My name is also Deborah Lyn.
    I just moved to Florida from Round Top ( do you go to Antique Festival?)
    I like your blogspace here!
    I will be back...
    Be in touch!
    ( can't find your email anywhere here )