Monday, June 18, 2012

on a dance floor

a cowboy
danced with me
3 songs in a row, last night.
he was forthright.
he told me how smart he was,
and how wealthy he was,
he told me how good looking & strong.
he told me how talented he was,
while we 2-stepped to the music.
my response after the listening:
"wow, all that and you are humble too."
(i'm not sure he heard me over the noise.)

i danced with another cowboy
who could not speak but a squeak.
his frame and voice
were altered by some harm or disease.
he motioned "would you like to dance?"
and i accepted.
we danced
3 songs in a row, in silence
i felt his confidence
in who he was
as an altered man,
humble, strong, & gracious.

dancing is a sensory language.
dancing speaks more than movement,
it speaks of character.
last night i learned
that confidence is
a quality that needn't introduce itself.
last night i remembered
that confidence is...
able to carry a person forward
in a steady rhythm
to an unfamiliar tune.


  1. Perhaps a dance with me would say some things...

  2. Nicely said! Thank you for sharing!

  3. love this one, so poetic to "dance, three songs in a row" No cowboys around here, but I bet that line comes to me again somewhere, if it does, and you see it, you'll know it was from you!!!

    1. why Ma'm, i'd be right pleased, right pleased!

  4. Oh I just love this poem! So wonderful and I love the "steady rhythm to an unfamiliar tune!" Love!

    1. Jenny~
      thank you for
      being YOU!
      thank you for
      getting me!